Konrad Hornschuch AG has been successful for years in the dynamically growing cruise ship market with its skai® brand, and its innovative surfaces grace some of the largest and most modern cruise ships in the world.

Cruises are becoming increasingly popular with vacationers. At the same time, demands are increasing with regard to furnishings, equipment, and comfort on the luxurious ocean giants. Cruise ships today must be ever larger, ever more glamorous and impressive. With skai®, all areas can be tailored to individual desires with regard to design, colour, and function. Whether on furniture or walls, at the pool, in cabins, or bars, with the broad selection of high-quality surfaces, you can create both modern experiences as well as comfortable, cozy bunks onboard. Naturally, the materials meet the flame retardancy standard IMO FTPC P8 that is common in the cruise ship industry. In the areas of wear behavior, lightfastness, and ease of care, skai® products achieve excellent ratings and are therefore excellently suited for use in the cruise ship industry.

Additional value on the high sea

Especially in interior design, all kinds of furniture, as well as wall coverings and bed headboards, should match the overall concept. Proven skai® upholstery materials offer a multitude of structures and colours, which are used here. The trendy designs of skai® upholstery materials such as skai® Paratexa NF and skai® Paduna Stars NF make a major contribution to onboard comfort. skai® Paratexa NF with its realistic textile look is ideal for heavily frequented areas such as restaurants or lounges. skai® Paduna Stars NF serves the two current trends Metallic and Textile. For example, it is particularly well-suited as an eye-catcher for large-scale use on walls. Both brand-new materials meet the stringent B1 flame retardancy standard and the IMO certification and are therefore optimally suited for the cruise ship industry.

Surface fascination

The metal lamination film skai® designline FR by Hornschuch is all new in the interior portfolio. The high-quality film will especially anchor as a wall covering in cabins, corridors, and conference rooms onboard. The palette ranges from quiet plains to subdued and stylish wood and textile structures to extravagant phantasy designs. There are no limits to individual desires with regard to design, colour, and function on the high seas. The motifs Wood, Uni Structure, and Exclusive reflect the design variety of the skai® metal lamination films with IMO FTPC P5-features, which are used on cruise ships of all kinds.

skai® improves vacations

The newly renovated Queen Mary II is an excellent reference for Konrad Hornschuch AG. The luxuriously equipped cruise ship is one of the largest passenger ships in the world. The modern equipment gives vacationers relaxation in a class by itself. The elegant interior design utilizing exclusive skai® materials makes a major contribution to this. For example, skai® Soshagro EN decorates the headboard in the Brittania Club Suites with its sumptuous manta ray look. skai® Pavinto EN is used on the barstools in the lounge area of the Queen Mary II. The high-quality upholstery material skai® Pavinto EN has a cowhide look with visually striking signs of use. Cracks and visible wear as well as a varied grain contribute to the realistic vintage look. With its soft feel and fine, glossy peaks, skai® Pavinto EN perfectly replicates its natural model.

On Dream Cruises’ Genting Dream, vacationers discover pure gold in their cabins with skai® Socodilo Flash in the colour gold and skai® Pasatina in the colour birch and IMO design. The high-quality and sophisticated materials are used here on headboards.