Knaack & Jahn is active in pipe laying and apparatus construction in all kinds of applications heating, plumbing, ventilation, etc. In a separate operation we fulfill the requirements of the marine industry and execute marine fire protection on board.

With our brand KJ FireOff® we offer turnkey fire protection systems to shipyards from construction, installation to handover to the class. With KJ FireOff® Water Mist, Knaack & Jahn covers the requirements of shipping companies to protect all onboard applications from accommodation and total flooding to local application, bilge, fat fryer or galley duct. For all applications Knaack & Jahn offers class-approved water mist solutions.

Our effective water mist sprinklers with an aesthetic design produce finest water mist based on a mechanical patent.
Knaack & Jahn offers worldwide services through us or through qualified partners, a 24/7 emergency line and service contracts for our KJ FireOff Systems. This ensures that your fire protection system is permanently in best working condition; in case of a fire it has to do what it has been designed for.

Inadequate specialised staff cause operating errors. KJ FireOff is not liable for mistakes of your personnel; instead, we offer crew training.

Annual service contracts are the best way to keep your KJ FireOff system in good operating condition. Our technical supervisors inspect your system at frequent intervals.

Knaack & Jahn was founded 1965 and has 51 years of experience around piping and fire protection.