IRON Pump A/S is building high-quality water pumps, which is why ship owners and shipyards worldwide have chosen customised pumps from IRON Pump A/S since 1906.

All development, manufacturing, assembly and testing is done in-house at our factory in Copenhagen – custom made in Denmark.

A pump is an integral system part, selected for capabilities, quality and reliability. Service and spare parts to the same high standards ensure years of unrivalled performance. Spare parts for any pump are available for +25 years.

We are a leading supplier of custom made centrifugal, piston and turbine pumps for all sea water, fresh water and cooling water applications.

EcoDesign – energy-efficient in-line centrifugal pumps

The EcoDesign regime is meant for land-based industries, but is likely to be implemented for the maritime segments in due course. IRON Pump has been designing and producing EcoDesign-compliant pumps since 2009, and is today able to offer highly energy efficient in-line centrifugal pumps for both fresh and sea water applications.

Needless to say that IRON pumps do not contain hazardous substances.

QTe anti-heeling – compact reversible propeller pumps

Since 1953, IRON Pump has delivered anti-heeling pumps and with more than 3,000 units in operation, cruise ships, geared cargo ships, container vessels and ferries daily depend on the reliability of the anti-heeling system.

Designing and retrofitting ships today, an increasingly number of systems must be fitted into the engine, control and pump rooms. The QTe anti-heeling pump is revolutionary in the combination of compact design and service friendliness.

Piston pumps – the bilge giants

Although the basic design was started in the 1930s, the most advanced and sophisticated cruise ships of today depend on the IRON piston pumps to empty the bilges. The robust design leaves no matter behind.

Firefighting pumps – a matter of reliability

The well-known reliability built into IRON pumps has made IRON Pump A/S one of the most attractive designers and manufacturers of firefighting pumps. Whether you are a fire-fighting system builder or need to replace an existing pump, the customizing of IRON pumps gives you the most reliable pumping solution.


As per 1 November 2017, we have added the Ellehammer brand to our business. Through this acquisition, we are combining the best from two fields: IRON Pump with our expertise within cooling and ballast pumps and Ellehammer’s ejectors and unique range of emergency pumps for efficient firefighting.

Spare parts and service – original, right and on time

Although IRON pumps are known for reliability, they need spare parts from time to time. With original spares you both ensure the longevity of the pump and protect your operation, your daily income.

Our spare parts department is on stand-by to help you get the right spares on time, in no time – you call in, we fly out.

The IRON Pump compact, efficient, lightweight and custom-made pumps cater for more pay-load – year after year.

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