The Plate Mate plate rack system is a sophisticated concept. An extremely helpful and dependable item, no professional kitchen should operate without it.

The latest Plate Mate products are the DesignLine and Heavy Duty, completely stainless steel versions, with removable extension pins for the biggest plates. Capable of handling from six to 168 plates, both lines are contemporary in style and available in many colours. This patented system can stack every type of plate or bowl, up to a height of 5cm, whether round, square, rectangular or oval, with a diameter of 33cm. Four different types of plates or bowls can be handled simultaneously.

The Plate Mate can save the kitchen invaluable space and time by allowing staff to stack a large number of plates quickly and easily in an extremely small area. It is also easy to store in a refrigerated cabinet or hot box.

The Plate Mate doesn’t just hold the plate, it captures it with a three-point docking device that provides unmatched stability. Settings can be adjusted manually and are easy to change in a few seconds without tools.

For kitchen areas where space is at a premium, Plate Mate has the solution.