Increasingly stricter regulations regarding exhaust emissions from the global shipping industry are key drivers for the development of new propulsion concepts. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is one of the organisations that regulates limits on permissible exhaust emissions in the maritime sector.

In this regard, using LNG as fuel is a pioneering alternative to the hitherto widely used heavy oil. Ships with this kind of propulsion concept have in comparison a much more environmentally friendly pollutant composition and meet the applicable environmental regulations.

Technical handling of the natural gas on the way to and on the ship itself takes place while it is in a cryogenic liquefied state. This offers many advantages when it comes to transport and storage, but at the same time also poses challenges for safe handling of the substance. This applies both to the infrastructure on the mainland at the bunker stations – currently still few and far between – and on the ship itself.

HEROSE valves have been specially designed for use in all applications that involve the handling, transport and storage of liquid natural gas and offer the highest level of quality in addition to reliable operation. For various ocean carriers and shipbuilders, using valves and fittings from Bad Oldesloe in their LNG propulsion concepts is now standard and they are increasingly using the assembly and maintenance services offered by our specialists.

HEROSE GmbH is a key worldwide manufacturer of valves for cryogenic applications within the industrial gas and LNG storage, distribution, plant and shipping sectors. Benefiting from over 140 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of valves, HEROSE strives to provide customers with technical solutions that exceed industry standards.

HEROSE's comprehensive cryogenic product range includes safety, globe, gate, check, control and ESD (emergency shut down) valves.

Today HEROSE is at the leading edge of valves being supplied for LNG ship fuelling installations. HEROSE is helping to pioneer changes in the evolving cryogenic gas.

Uncompromising safety: guaranteed functionality through maximum quality is standard business practice for us.

HEROSE specialises in the development and sustainable production of innovative, practical solutions and bringing them up to series-production stage. The reliability of our products to ensure the safety of your process is always our primary concern. We guarantee this through company-wide DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-certified processes, such as comprehensive material and functional tests.

We have a cryogenic, water and air test bench for simulation of extreme conditions and for testing our valves. Qualified specialists manufacture our products on state-of-the-art CNC machines, degrease all components regardless of the intended use with specially developed systems and ensure full traceability through consistent component identification.