Over 25 years, Herculan has been developing, producing and installing high-end, epoxy or polyurethane based, synthetic floor finishes. Herculan has the right floor for every purpose. All floor finishes are seamless, durable, hygienic, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

Worldwide Herculan floors is successful with deliveries to and installation in more than 80 countries.

Quality, durability, reliability and versatility are the core values that ensure the success and the continuity of Herculan.

Herculan Marine EcoTeak® is the best alternative for the original teak floor finish

A natural appearance in combination with warm colours and aesthetics make the Herculan Marine EcoTeak® system an elegant and stylish. Herculan Marine EcoTeak® meets the Solas and IMO regulations.

For the interior, other Herculan systems are available in addition to Herculan Marine Eco Teak.

A floor finish for the benefit of a helicopter platform also belongs to the possibilities.

For this application we have selected the following systems for you:

Herculan Marine Ecoteak

Herculan Marine EcoTeak® is environmentally friendly and based on solvent-free resins.

Herculan Marine EcoTeak® is a seamless and easy to maintain system with a certain degree of anti-skid. Any damages are easy to restore while retaining all unique properties.

This system adheres perfectly to many surfaces, such as aluminum, steel or mineral basis and can be installed both prefabricated and in-situ.

Herculan Marine EcoTeak® meets the Solas and IMO regulations.

Herculan Marine Deco Deck

Give your floor an individual look with the Herculan Marine Deco Deck® system.

Herculan Marine Deco Deck system is available in many colours and versions.

The system is flexible, durable and requires only low maintenance.

Herculan Marine Deco Deck system can be provided with a safe anti-skid layer.

In short: a very beautiful floor finish which fits the design of your choice!

Herculan Marine Deco Deck Soft

The Herculan Marine Deco Deck Soft is a very comfortable floor finish, with a high degree of sound absorption. In this system a soft and decorative infill material is used which ensures extra comfort and a unique appearance.

Herculan Marine Deco Deck Soft is available in many colours.

Herculan Marine Duty Deck

In those places where the floor finish is heavily loaded and the conditions are extreme you can choose the Herculan Marine Duty Deck.

Extreme durability, abrasion resistance and a high degree of anti-skid ensure a safe and reliable system, which meets the highest requirements.

Application areas are for example Ro-Ro decks and helidecks.

Herculan is active in various areas and is subdivided in the following divisions:

Herculan Marine, Herculan Sports and Herculan Utility.

Herculan, we’ve got it covered!