For the maritime industry, Herculan has developed a multipurpose, synthetic levelling compound for ship decks, which is able to be used on many types of vessels. A competitive synthetic levelling compound normally has a specific weight of 1.2-1.5kg per square metre, which means that a 5mm-thick layer weighs about 6-7.5kg per square metre. After extensive testing with its partners, Herculan has developed a new, quality underlayer for its floor deck systems, called Herculan SL Screed 500.

The specific advantage of this product is that it can be used to easily even-up steel substrates, deck deformations and curves. With the addition of natural fillers, the specific weight of the SL Screed 500 can be adjusted from 0.9 to 1.2kg per square metre. Depending on the user application, the required specifications and the demands of the customer, the weight can, at a thickness of 5mm, be reduced to 4.6kg per square metre. This will mean at least 1.4kg of weight saving per square metre. This weight difference means that vessels with a Herculan Marine floor system on their deck have an advantage in fuel consumption. On a passenger vessel, every 1,000m² means a difference in weight of 1,400kg per 5mm. This results in a huge saving in weight and fuel for shipping companies. Herculan Marine has a floor system for inside and outside deck areas, and for every kind of vessel – from a tug to a superyacht.

After extensive testing with its partners, Herculan has developed a new quality underlayer for its floor deck systems, called Herculan SL Screed 500.


As a worldwide manufacturer of synthetic polyurethanes in different kinds of industries, Herculan has always taken notice of the environment. Herculan synthetic polyurethanes are made of resins refined from a biological source combined with natural fillers. Herculan products are produced with natural, raw materials and are safe to install. They fall far below the required emissions value for installers and reduce dust mites, which benefits people who have asthma. This is an advantage for passenger vessels designed for a high volume of holidaymakers.


Herculan certified its Herculan Eco Teak & Deco Deck system at Ecospecifier level. Ecospecifier is an Australian material-certification company that operates worldwide. A lot of shipbuilders are searching for alternatives to real teak floors because, although real teak floors are still popular, there is a worldwide shortage of this wood, which increases demand and therefore prices. Herculan Eco Teak has been developed as a synthetic and is produced in similar colours to the natural wood. It looks like real teak but with better properties, like ease of cleaning, fireproof to IMO standards, longer lasting and, above all, it helps protect the teak forest in Myanmar.

Fresh partners

Owned by Herculan, Helder & May, located in the Netherlands, can offer and install turnkey projects in Europe – from A60 to floating floor systems. Together with its worldwide partners TDS (US), DMS (China) and other related customers, Herculan Marine is a supplier for the future of the Maritime market. Be inspired and visit the Herculan booth (Hall B7, Stand 503) at the 2018 SMM exhibition in Hamburg.