As Helo, the world’s largest sauna and steam company, launches two new divisions, Helo project and Helo deco, World Cruise Industry Review speaks to GM Helo Germany Patrick Bolte about coordinating the international cooperation with regards to the tasks, goals and synergies of the new departments.

Can you briefly introduce Helo as a company?

Patrick Bolte: Helo, the world’s largest manufacturer of saunas, sauna equipment, infrared cabins, steam baths and sauna accessories, is present in more than 80 countries. In an international association of design and production plants, more than 400 employees develop and produce innovative solutions and high-quality products for the spa and wellness sector.

At the start of 2014, two new divisions began work – Helo project and Helo deco, in which the most experienced and most creative specialists from each of Helo’s worldwide divisions look after joint projects.

What is the thinking behind their creation?

With these two new divisions, Helo is meeting increasing customer requirements from different groups of users. Helo project uses the global network of Helo’s own locations and sales partners for the implementation of commercial spa concepts in the hotel, fitness, day and destination spa areas. Our teams work in close coordination with building owners, architects, planners and contractors in the planning and implementation of profitable and effective spa areas.

With Helo deco, we concentrate on existing, aging saunas for which renovation requirements are usually high, despite previous maintenance and care. We have established Helo deco in order to save the operators having to make new large-scale acquisitions. Here, existing saunas are equipped within a short time with up-to-date components such as doors and glass fronts, as well as contemporary interior fittings consisting of wall cladding and benches. Another of Helo deco’s main tasks is the installation of innovative and energy-efficient heating and control technology, bringing older saunas up to the latest technical level.

What are the goals of Helo project and Helo deco?

Helo does not consider itself to be just a supplier to the spa, fitness and tourism industry. We see ourselves as confidants and partners. The striving for health and the maintenance of health are becoming increasingly important worldwide. The sauna can make a contribution towards that if the planning, implementation and choice of equipment are done professionally. Project and deco are bringing Helo a little closer to its customers.

What advantages arise for the customers as a result of the company-spanning project team?

Above all, Helo project consistently uses the concentrated capacities of all divisions of the world’s largest manufacturer in this sector. From the planning to the completion, from the choice of materials to the individual manufacturing and innovative technologies – the results are considerable synergies that guarantee the customer the greatest possible security for the implementation of their project. The advantages of Helo deco for system operators lie in the short downtimes, new warranty periods on the technical equipment, increased safety for users and higher acceptance on the part of the guests. If the operator also selects the FSC-certified products from Helo, then they have also made their own contribution towards an environmentally friendly renovation.

Can you name some initial, successfully completed projects?

In the past months, we have completed numerous interesting projects, planned and carried out by our international teams. For instance, Eva Wuite, one of Finland’s best-known garden designers, had her aging sauna redesigned by the Helo deco team. A big task for the Helo project team was the planning and implementation of the sauna area in the Torch Tower Hotel, Doha, Qatar. Further attractive planning projects for Helo project have already been completed for the spa areas of the David Lloyd complex in Farnham, UK, and the JW Marquis Marriott, Dubai.

What are your goals for 2014?

Simply put, it’s nice to be the world’s largest sauna manufacturer – but we also want to be the very best.

What does Helo offer the cruise industry?

When people think of cruise ships, one of the things they think of is the amazing sauna and spa experiences, which offer relaxation and health benefits. The Helo project team’s task is to create a spa that distinguishes our clients from the rest of the market, so they can provide the perfect spa experience to their guests.

What particular products do you offer?

Helo, with its entities in Germany, the US, the UK and Finland, can provide a complete sauna and spa solution that is focused on customer demands and expectations. The design work is done at Helo Germany and Helo UK, and items are manufactured in Germany and the US. Finland provides a wide range of self-produced sauna heaters and control units. The product range comprises traditional sauna heaters, but concept heaters for special solutions or sauna ceremonies can also be produced. Helo is beside customers from the start of a concept, through planning until the final installation. After-sales service for all products can also been provided.

What is Helo’s company philosophy, and how does this benefit your customers?

The Helo Group is the only sauna, steam and infrared supplier worldwide that is able to offer complete turnkey solutions with products produced in its own plants. Helo projects are global solutions for professional customers in the spa, hospitality, cruise and leisure industries. One source, one brand, one contact: this philosophy offers stress-free planning and installation, and profitable operation. The global network of 100% Helo partners ensures a strong aftercare and maintenance service that will ensure every spa is a profitable and durable solution for cruise operators. "Reward yourself today and prepare yourself for tomorrow" – this slogan encourages passengers and professionals to continue relying on Helo’s 119 years of experience.