Founded in 1871 as a family business, we are proud of our independence, our continuity, and our entrepreneurial tenor. Over the years we have grown into one of the world’s largest international logistics providers; today our network of over 440 offices is represented in more than 157 countries.

Our expertise and network make us a global player in logistics. We transport goods, data, and above all, know-how. In addition to traditional shipping services via truck, rail, air freight, and sea freight, we also offer individualized supply chain solutions integrating IT and purchase order/vendor management with customized and industry-specific solutions.

Sustainability and green initiatives continue to play an important role within Hellmann in the design and implementation of solutions such as reverse logistics and charitable donations.

Extensive partnerships throughout the world make us your reliable logistics partner both globally and close to home. For us, global not only means being at home in worldwide markets, but also represents the constant search for individualized solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Thinking ahead – moving forward is our slogan; we continue to think ahead and actively shape the future through innovation, efficiency, and custom-made logistics solutions.