Harding is the global market leader of marine life-saving systems, with a solid track record of deliveries to offshore installations and vessels worldwide. The company developed the first lifeboat (FF1200) fulfilling the new regulation, DNV 406, for the North Sea and it is also the developer of the enclosed davit system. Harding was formed in 2013 when Schat Harding and Noreq AS merged together in order to form the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of lifesaving equipment.

The new Harding was formed in June 2013 when Herkules Capital acquired both Schat-Harding and Noreq in order to form the world’s leading supplier of lifesaving equipment. However, the name Harding has a long history within our industry. It goes all the way back to the late 60’s when the first totally enclosed lifeboat in GRP was released under the name Harding Safety. Today, we see Harding as a vital company with a strong tradition of innovation and hard work setting the standard for safety at sea.

We are extremely proud to be one of the leading players in our industry but our aim is always higher. We strive to meet our customers need both in commercial terms as well as operational demands. Our ambition is to be in front. By a continuously focus on innovation and product development, Harding will take safety further in order to always offer the best available technology to meet our clients need and demand.

Davit solutions

Harding offers a range of innovative, compact and well-designed davits for the cruise market that maximize the available deck space on board while at the same time offering an extremely efficient installation process and minimal lifetime maintenance.

Harding pivoting davit 55 DM is a pivoting davit with SWL 55t for lifeboats and tenders, where the boats are stored fully inboard the ship’s side. All critical parts are built into the davit, ensuring excellent weather protection and minimal maintenance while at the same time keeping a modern and sleek design.

Harding pivoting davit 55L davits with SWL 55t is a modified version of PD 55 where the deck space is freed up for use.

Harding LS 55 is designed for overhanging, shipside placement of the lifeboats or tenders. SWL 55t. Compact davit with strong hydraulic and mechanical lashing system for "green sea protection" and for holding the lifeboat to shipside during embarkation

Standard partially enclosed lifeboats and tenders

Harding offers a full range of partially enclosed lifeboats and combined tender/lifeboat systems for any kind of passenger vessel. All can be delivered with our customized davit systems.

CTL 38 is one of the most sold tender lifeboats in the world, offering a comfortable ride, low running costs and good maneuverability. It is offered as a standard version, the CTL 38, and a shortened version, the CTL 38 SV. The Harding MPC series consists of two compact 150-people partially enclosed lifeboats, offering optimal maneuverability, spacious interior and user friendliness.

New generation lifeboats and tenders

Having revolutionized the market with the first generation of large lifeboats carrying a maximum of 370 persons for the RCCL Genesis project, Harding now takes the next innovation step and launches a compact with a capacity up to 440 persons.

At the same time, Harding also launches a 330-person lifeboat based on the same design as the 440 person boat.

Simultaneously, Harding also launches a new, large cruise tender. Building on the same passenger comfort and excellent maneuverability of our successful CTL 38, the new 17.5m tender offers increased levels of comfort, a wide range of customization options, excellent maneuverability and high cruising speed.