ExxonMobil Marine Fuels is a global leader in the supply of marine fuels. Operating in around 80 ports across the world, our commitment to the supply of high quality products and services to the marine industry sets us apart from other suppliers.

ExxonMobil Marine Fuels serves customers ranging from passenger cruise lines to cargo vessels to oceangoing tankers; all of whom value our global commitment to quality, reliability and integrity.

Our aim is to market, sell and safely deliver high quality products and services to all our customers.

Our customers trust our products and services because of our commitment to the highest standards, reinforced by our stringent quality assurance and management systems. This commitment is visible across all areas of our business, be it product quality, product measurement or technical support and expertise.

  • Quality – ExxonMobil’s comprehensive fuels quality program and integrated supply chain enable you to trust in the quality of marine fuels we supply. Our products consistently comply with, or exceed, industry standards throughout the world.
  • Reliability – We have been a leading supplier to the bunker industry for more than 100 years, driven by our knowledgeable and responsive sales, technical operations and customer service teams. Punctual deliveries and stringent barge requirements characterize our operations.
  • Integrity – We subscribe to a process of continuous improvement, accepting only the very highest safety standards and applying business practices with global consistency. Our leading role to enhance accurate measurement practices enables us, working in partnership with our customers, to implement the latest in transparent and accurate metering technology. We remain committed to transparent and ethical practices through all our activities