Many happy returns

In thousands of cities, nature reserves and remote areas, ferries large and small cross waterways to take people to their destinations day and night. The environmental requirements for these ships are becoming increasingly strict. The challenge is to reduce these vessels’ impact on air quality, the climate and water quality, and to reduce their energy consumption.

Clean, silent and powerful

Worldwide, EST Floattech helps ferry operators with clean, silent, powerful energy systems based on the Green Orca lithium polymer batteries. The environmental gains are great: NOx and CO2 emissions reduced to little to nothing, and offensive odours and noise pollution are also diminished for the crew, passengers, the natural world and those living, working and recreating in and near the berth.

Intelligent solutions

Our lithium polymer batteries are used in fully electric urban ferries. For ferries travelling longer distances, we implement safe and robust hybrid solutions. At the moments that would otherwise generate the most pollution, such as when entering and leaving marinas, and when berthing and unberthing, a full or partial switch can be automatically made to energy from our battery systems. That means reduced emissions, more comfort and many happy returns for everyone.