Competence from a single source: The one-stop-connectivity-solution

Our key to success is to keep all essential processes in-house: from research and prototyping to series production and customer support. This approach allows tight control on quality, flexible and innovative solutions for our customers and leads to a steady growth of competences within the company.

In addition to hardware, we also offer broadband data packages for Internet access around the world. Our one-stop-solution approach furthermore includes a round-the-clock technical support, which emphasises the strong commitment to meeting the high demands of the maritime market.

Customers benefits

  1. We compare different airtime offers and find the best-fit solution for each individual case.
  2. We are in close contact with the Network Operator during and after the installation on board and can intervene immediately if problems arise.
  3. Customers are flexible to adjust their data tariffs upwards or downwards, change providers or even suspend service for some time.
  4. We offer unlimited, free technical support via remote maintenance, are personally available and have the expertise to solve most issues very quickly.

Internet on Board

EPAK VSAT systems provide vessels with voice (VoIP) and high-speed data connectivity everywhere at sea. The systems are compatible for use with any service provider in Ku or Ka Band.

Data plans are available for unlimited usage or pay-as-you-go. Our tailored solutions can include features such as Wi-Fi hot spots, crew calling cards, video conferencing or ticket systems for guests on board.

System admin have access to a web interface where extensive configurations can be made and live sensor data from the antenna can be displayed. This simplifies troubleshooting, enables performance analysis around the clock and eventually reduces the need for maintenance.

Television on Board

EPAK stabilised satellite antennas are designed to bring clearest HD or SD satellite TV on board. The antennas track the satellite signal on the move and in any weather condition, allowing you to access thousand of TV channels from all over the world.

A number of options are available for the integration of TVRO systems on large yachts or cruise ships, such as automatic handover between two antennas for a better availability of satellite connection; or the use of a Headend-Station for supplying a large number of cabins with independently selectable TV channels.