A benchmark of diesel- and gas-electric network and propulsion systems is based on innovative and highly-efficient converter technology combined on an integrated common DC bus system. This concept is created by E-MS, Hamburg.

E-MS engineers developed the best environmentally friendly and resource-saving propulsion solution for ships and offshore units. The specialists in diesel and gas electrical network and propulsion systems with their comprehensive technical knowledge and 26 years of experience in definition, design, implementation and commissioning of diesel-electric systems build up trust in the international marine and offshore industry for new challenges.

E-PP is a pioneering concept. Optimizing and improving of power propulsion technology currently meet all essential requirements and set new standards of contemporary electrical propulsion solutions.

  • savings in diesel and gas fuel
  • reduced time in engineering, assembly, installation, maintenance
  • significantly reduced space for mechanical and electrical equipment
  • reduced operating costs
  • comfortable handling
  • support for service personnel through remote diagnosis

The first river cruise vessel Viking Legend with a diesel-electric propulsion concept in the world was commissioned in 2009. Today there are 8 sister ships with approved E-PP solutions on board. Six additional vessels will extend the Viking fleet until mid-2013. Similar ships of this series are in planning.

Another application for the E-PP is onboard of mega yachts. In 2015, one of the largest and most advanced mega-yachts will pass to its client. The adapted E-PP of this demanding project is equipped with extraordinary technical features and a higher power range. Slightly modified applications of E-PP for offshore vessels are also under construction.

E-PP is a super-fast reacting system, which convinces by so far not been achieved reaction times: to start up diesel generators within 10 seconds. Diesel generators no longer need synchronization and can be operated at different speeds. The protection of the E-PP is ultrafast; measures are implemented and reduce damages in case of a failure significantly. E-PP protects components; they can be reduced or disconnected partially or completely.

On a sailing ship, E-PP and a comprehensive remote diagnostics system (E-RD) provide the support to the technical service personnel. The E-RD is an internet data connection between E-PP and technical specialist on home base if required. Fault conditions can be analyzed quickly and accurately. In the worst case a decision follows and the right man will be sent with the right spare part on board.

The system for your power on board.