Drew Marine is a trusted brand and preferred global resource for enhancing the longevity and operating efficiency of ocean-going vessels. Established by E.F.Drew in 1920, Drew Marine grew by standardizing marine water treatment programs in 1930. Over the course of the next 92 years, Drew Marine expanded its breadth of products and services to accommodate the demands and challenges of the marine industry. From the beginning it has been our mission to provide superior customer value through knowledge and expertise. This allowed us to grow our portfolio to include:

  • Water Treatment
  • Fuel Treatment
  • Tank and Hold Cleaners
  • General Maintenance & Sealing
  • Welding & Refrigeration
  • Fire, Safety & Rescue
  • Signal and Safety
  • Engineered Systems & Products
  • Onboard Test Kits
  • Analytical Services

Our capabilities also include a global supply chain that delivers to vessels in over 900 ports with strategic locations in 65 countries where we offer services efficiently to customers.

Drew Marine’s global network offers a broad range of onboard and shoreside technical support. Drew Marine has access to state-of-the-art research facilities, proprietary methodology, numerous patented technologies, and vigilance for compliance with industry regulation.

Fuel management has become a high priority for Drew Marine due to changing fuel quality, higher costs and more stringent regulations. Drew Marine recommends a risk-based approach to fuel management. This proven solution set is based on knowing your fuel and identifying opportunities for reducing your maintenance and operating costs for handling fuel from sludge reduction and combustion enhancement to emissions control.

Drew Marine brings environmentally and technologically superior products and services to the market. Our understanding of industry regulations allows us to provide products used onboard to provide the highest amount of efficiency, sustainability and economic value for our customers.