DL Services was established in 2004 by Daniel Laine, galley expert designer, as an independent dedicated to cruises, ferries and cargos. Since we created this service, we are the only company to offer independent customised designs (building and modernisation/refit projects).

Our company offers a variety of services encompassing design, life cycle systems, spare parts and log temperature monitoring.


We offer high-end newbuilding and modernisation services for galleys. Our clients trusted us to work on a large variety of projects, creating outstanding design, ergonomic, sophisticated equipment and automatisation. We put our client’s needs as a priority to meet their expectations.

Life Cycle System

Gastronomy is always a milestone for customers. It turns the galleys into one of the most important parts of a vessel. At the same time, it is also one of the most complicated area to manage as it is challenging to predict – to forecast the budget, to reduce time of out-of-order equipment, to lower the costs, to get accurate information…

DL Services noticed the difficulties encountered onboard a few years ago and we proudly provide a solution that has already been used by several big cruise lines: Life Cycle System (LCS).

This privative website gathers all galley equipment onboard with manual, spare parts exploded view, pictures and videos. Moreover, LCS is a turnkey solution. Our team comes onboard to do the inventory and to take all the information required to update the website. We do the work, you use it.

LCS allows the client to save time and money by:

  • Offering technical documentation as manual, spare parts exploded view, and more
  • Reducing time of troubleshooting intervention
  • Making contract of accurate spare parts to reduce time and cost
  • Providing the right spare parts for your equipment (voltage, serial number…)
  • Helping to filter a large amount of different brands
  • Forecasting the budget
  • Simplifying galley modernisation procedure
  • Avoiding extra costs for us to go onboard.

Spare parts

Specialised in galley and laundry equipment, we provide a wide list of spare parts and some equipment without installation. Opening our US branch, DL Services USA, Inc in 2009, with $500,000 spare in our warehouse turned into a time-saver for our clients. It created a stronger relationship with cruise liners.

Having two locations, the client has the option to receive contracted items either in Europe or in the US with the same pricing. The whole purchase process is simplified and fast. Signing a two-year contract with the client allows us to offer very competitive pricing. Moreover, we offer the opportunity for the client to create their own stock in our warehouse for long-delivery spare parts in France, Europe.

Automatic USPHS log temperature monitoring

Because the safety of the passengers is a very crucial point, DL Services created an innovative monitoring application to allow cruise liners to check accurate temperature of all refrigerating equipment (cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers). Usually, a person is in charge to walk around the vessel and check all temperatures manually and the information is written down.

With this turnkey solution, the client is able to compute all the data and meet the USPHS requirements. All the information can be consulted anytime on a computer.