Optimum baking results thanks to first-class machines and biotechnology

DIOSNA, the dough experts, have an extensive range of diverse baking machines available – from dosing through pre-dough preparation, pre-dough production and kneading right up to transfer logistics. By taking over the pre-dough specialist IsernHäger GmbH, today DIOSNA is offering the most important processes of dough production from one source.

Beyond that, the company is offering biotechnological products – starter cultures that optimise flavour, shelf life, or the baking characteristics of dough products. Extensive quality assurance and diagnostics complete the portfolio. The combination of biotechnology and innovative system design for pre-dough and kneading and the use of highly modern plants enable DIOSNA to achieve dough characteristics that clearly improve flavour and consistency. As an experienced manufacturer of kneading machines DIOSNA supports all important processes of the production of baked goods.

Pre-dough, Clean Label and more – our range of goods at a glance:

The Pre-Dough System as elementary dough machine

Starter dough and sourdough count to the most important components of a modern bakery. The solutions provided by DIOSNA are divided in standards plants and fully-automatic pre-dough systems. The range of high-grade standard plants is wide. While the wheat plant Ecoline is suitable for the production of 200 to 1,000 kg yeast starter dough, sourdough of wheat and spelt, the Compactline has capacities for 200 to 500kg. In the same way, rye plants with nearly the same characteristics can be chosen, whereby the offer is completed by the aroma plant Ecoline, special storage containers, as well as the bread fermentation plant Ecoline.

DIOSNA Kneading Systems – our versatile all-rounders

No matter whether it has to do with Spiral, Wendel or L-shaped Mixers the kneading machines made by DIOSNA feature easy handling, effective use and durability. The individuality of our solutions becomes obvious by the example of the Spiral Mixer. From the small table-top mixer SP 12 with a dough capacity of up to 12kg to the bread mixer with bowl trolley for up to 240kg, all plants convince with outstanding kneading characteristics, powerful drive and universal applicability for all types of dough. While the Spiral Mixers are highly suitable for small and large operations, the focus of our Wendel Mixers is on the high-performance application. With the Premium Wendel Mixer you receive a kneading machine that has a capacity of 600 kg of dough. Our L-Shaped Mixer, however, provides the most artisanal kind of kneading – indestructible and ideally suitable for doughs of grist, rye and mixed wheat and rye, the kneader processes huge quantities from 200 to 240kg of dough and therefore, it is suitable for the application in large-scale companies.

Easy cleaning, outstanding kneading intensity and practical freedom from maintenance are further advantages of each individual DIOSNA system to be mentioned – it is your decision which dough mixer matches best to your operation.

The Dough Experts: Obtain the best taste adventure

The production of professional bread plants is not the only top priority of our work. As Dough Experts we show you how to produce the perfect dough with your system. For this purpose, DIOSNA is offering a wide range of cultures which ensures that the characteristics of each type of dough exactly meet your requirements. While the culture "Wheat Classic" provides for a mild to strong taste adventure with optimum consistency, with the "Rye Sour" your bread will become moist and aromatic. A further solution is the "Aroma Piece", our thermally produced starter dough. Due to the formation of maltose, it has a natural sweetness and offers the possibility to implement a number of aroma pre-steps.

Quality assurance – optimum utilisation of your bakery machinery

DIOSNA support their customers to make out weak points of production for aimed intervention into the producing process for optimization and assurance of quality. The laboratory offers lab analyses sourdough and bread checks with evaluation and consulting by return. NEW is our range of flour analysis.

Never being satisfied by the state-of-art – Quality, experience and innovation

DIOSNA’s company goal has not changed in 130 years. Our aim is to develop technologies which give our customers significant benefits. Not being content with what we have got is one of our most important motivations.

The global market leader in the mixing technology sector associated with pioneer for machine-controlled predough and sourdough to provide the complete dough production – which is globally unique in this industry sector.