The Hamburg-based company has already provided more than 250 cruise ships with greening since its foundation in 1989. The company has had a subsidiary in Dania Beach/Florida since 2005 and a representation for the Asia Pacific region opened a few years ago. When it comes to green interior design, the company is always close to its customers.

In addition to live, preserved and artificial/textile plants, the global company also offers green walls, hedges, trees and green landscapes. DAUERFLORA also supplies buffet decorations, table decorations for restaurants, bars, lounges and suites as well as seasonal decorations such as for Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Valentine’s Day and others.

Floral decorations

Flower arrangements and room and wall decorations can be summarised as floral decorations. The arrangements improve the appearance of counters, restaurants, suites, spa areas, lounges and much more. Whether the arrangements are designed for tables, sideboards or large planters is not important.

There are no limits to your creativity. The floral decorations consist of very different components such as artificial, preserved or, on request, fresh flowers, leaves, ferns, grasses, twigs, drift wood or objects such as feathers, masks, food items and many other options.

The arrangements can be tailored to specific themes, colour matched or adapted to the season.

Green walls, hedges, trees and green landscapes

Decorative ideas are often needed onboard to transform wall surfaces, room dividers, structural supports or areas under stairs into attractive eye-catchers. And DAUERFLORA can offer that too. Whether indoors or outdoors, green walls and hedges are a popular way to turn large areas into a green feast for the eyes (FR or UV compatible).

DAUERFLORA has made a virtue of necessity and uses structural supports as a base for its artificial trees. So far, the company has "planted" maples, birches, oaks, pines, mangroves, fruit trees, olives, plane trees, ficus and schefflera trees. The IMO-certified logs are given a natural shape, finished by hand and painted. This turns the ship’s structural elements into decorative eye-catchers.

Green landscapes are ideal for special areas or areas that are difficult to design. They can transform the atmosphere of an entire room or emphasise certain interior design features.

Buffet decorations, table tops

On cruise ships, the passengers’ culinary experiences are very important. It comes as no surprise then that restaurant and buffet decorations play an important role. Most ships have a variety of restaurants with different offerings. The buffet and table decorations are tailored to the various regional, culinary or product themes. DAUERFLORA complies with the wishes of its clients, be it individual decorations, closed (USPH) or open arrangements or culinary landscapes. Florists usually work based on a general briefing and budget guidelines to create stunning decorations. Clients appreciate the work of the creative professionals so much that they are usually given free rein, safe in the knowledge that they will create mouth-watering decorations.

Christmas decorations and other seasonal decorations

Christmas decorations and other seasonal highlights are always something special. Even when away on travel, people like to enjoy a festive spirit. Every year, DAUERFLORA immerses up to 80 ships in a Christmas atmosphere. And this can include anything from gigantic Christmas trees, miles of garlands and wreaths to flower arrangements and small table decorations. The Hamburg-based company’s service includes not only the delivery of seasonal decorations, but also their installation and dismantle, even on the other side of the world. On request, the green interior designer stores and refurbishes the decorations during off-season and then brings them out again the next year.

Customers choose between buying their own seasonal decorations and renting them for a number of years.