Daikin is the number one global air conditioning company, providing air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration equipment all around the world. It has earned a worldwide reputation for providing a full line of quality products and expertise to meet the demands of its customers.

Worldwide marine network

Daikin has worldwide network for marine equipment and one of them is Daikin MR Engineering. The company specialises in design, manufacturing, sale and installation of marine air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Working together with our subsidiary, Daikin Marine (Shanghai), we are expanding the scope of our services in China in order to better serve our clients’ needs.

Daikin Marine (Shanghai)

In order to expand services offered to our customers in and around China, in 2009 Daikin MR Engineering established a 100% subsidiary, Daikin Marine Shanghai. We are committed to offering the absolute best environmental support systems in order to ensure passengers and crew can work and live in the safest and most comfortable marine environments possible.

The best in marine chillers

Daikin’s centrifugal compressor water chillers are engineered for flexibility and performance, offering options and features that provide the right solution for your specific application − having done so for more than 50 years. Some highlights of Daikin’s world class centrifugal design include the wide capacity range from 800 to 9,000 kW and their excellent part load performance.

Combination of compressor and chiller

Daikin offers a wide range of centrifugal vessel and component combinations to provide the right solution for your specific application. The single compressor DWSC offers excellent full load performance in most applications; however, chillers spend about 99% of their operating hours at part load conditions. Therefore, Daikin’s dual-compressor DWDC chillers offer many attractive benefits.

Details of combination

Benefit of combination is including outstanding part load efficiency and system redundancy similar to two separate chillers, with a lower total installed cost. Full load efficiency (COP) can be as high as seven, and ARI certified part load efficiency (IPLV) can exceed ten thanks to VFD inverter technology.

We are a pioneer

Daikin pioneered the unmatched unloading use, unique in the market, of moveable discharge geometry to lower the surge point of centrifugal compressors. Its single compressor units can unload down to 10% capacity and dual-compressor units down to 5%. The Daikin centrifugal chiller series is state of the art technology, achieving low installation and operating costs, high energy efficiency, quiet operation, and low cost maintenance and service.

Quality and reliability

The much envied Daikin quality simply stems from the close attention paid to design, production and testing, as well as to aftersales support. To this end, every component is carefully selected and rigorously tested to verify its contribution to product quality and reliability.