Concept Amenities has partnered with Jean-Michel Cousteau and Maricoid to introduce a carefully crafted environmental collection of bath and bodycare products for planet-savvy hotel guests across the world.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau collection offers a comprehensive line of liquids, soaps and accessories to complement any luxury hotel accommodation. This signature collection is inspired by the beauty and wonders of the oceans and reflects Jean-Michel Cousteau’s life-long commitment to the environment.

Each formulation is enriched with 100% organic seaweed extract, and infused with the aroma essences of apple, coconut and florals. The branded collection softly mirrors the colours of the ocean and the plastic packaging components are biodegrade in landfill to carbon dioxide, water and humus, leaving nothing harmful to the environment. All packaging is ERP, recyclable and biodegradable.

Concept Amenities is a recognised world leader in the supply of guest amenities that deliver quality, luxury, style and environmental solutions. The business was built through understanding its clients’ businesses, their guests and their brands.

Far from being simply the purveyors of amenity products, Concept Amenities is intrinsically linked to the creation of memorable guest experiences. This mindset provides a clear focus for who the company is and what it does best.

While the goal is delivering the ultimate in sensory indulgences, Concept Amenities does this in a manner that is fully aligned with its values and the positive role it should be playing in the world.

In sync with the hospitality industry, the firm is strongly conscious of the impact it has on the environment and the growing eco-consciousness of guests. Its environmental stewardship is a fundamental expression of its values.