Coin Invest Trust develops unique gold and silver commemorative coins for collectors in cooperation with renowned mints and central banks from across the world. The company is a leader in project management for customized precious metal coins and CIT’s multi-award winning products are highly regarded by customers around the world, including famous brands like PGA, Ferrari and WWF. Besides gold and silver coins, product concepts may include elegant custom-designed boxes and official certificates. Coin Invest Trust is an innovator in the industry and is well known for pushing the boundaries, advancing technology and producing unique, breathtaking products.

Since many cruise lines offer similar voyages, additional services and onboard revenue are becoming increasingly important. Innovative, sought after products that generate high onboard revenue and brand loyalty are few and far between. Customized precious metal coins are ideal complements to the passenger’s travel experience. A premium product like a customized CIT silver coin undoubtedly underlines the high-quality service offered on board and provides a tangible, cherished memory and souvenir that will foster brand loyalty and motivate return passengers. Aside from souvenirs, CIT silver and gold coins are commonly bought as investments, collectables, gifts and art.

Coin Invest Trust is a family business that has been working in the coin industry since 1970. Starting as a traditional wholesale business, CIT has developed into one of the world leaders in product management for custom precious metal coins. Long-term partnerships with ministries of finance, central banks and outstanding mints enable the company to set sustainable trends in the international commemorative coin market. Thus, partnerships based on mutual trust, respect and benefits are highly valued by CIT.

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