The SEAFLO NEO Series of antifouling coatings, the latest technology from Chugoku Marine Paints, introduces ground-breaking benefits at the application stage and in service. The products provide a unique self-leveling capability that enables the achievement of a very smooth surface on application.

The SEAFLO NEO Series continues to smooth and polish while in service, providing a surface that contributes to fuel conservation and reduced emissions. The reasons why every ship should use the SEAFLO NEO Series include:

  • excellent application characteristics
  • ultra-smooth surface technology
  • fuel savings (reduction of friction resistance compared with the higher performance of antifouling coatings)
  • long-life antifouling (excellent polishing characteristics)
  • excellent static performance
  • high-volume solids for a true hydrolysable antifouling
  • capable of performing consistently for 60 months.

CMP Coatings has established the friction increasing reduction percentage (FIR%) method of characterising surface smoothness on application and the associated FIR% replicate method from which it is possible to predict surface smoothness on ships’ hulls over time. The SEAFLO NEO Series can thus be seen to provide the performance that the discerning owner/operator seeks.

The SEAFLO NEO Series high-performance polymer allows for lower paint consumption compared with conventional paints, in some cases as much as 30%. The series is also a low-volatile organic compounds antifouling, which means lower emissions during application.