We are a globally operating filter manufacturer and world market leader for filtration technology in the marine and engine construction sectors. BOLL & KIRCH is certified under ISO 9001/14001 and approved by more than 80 classification societies. We are a specialist in filtration of liquids and gases. Our application-optimised automatic, duplex and simplex filters are the result of our own research and development and comply with international technical standards. We are convinced that BOLLFILTER makes a sustainable contribution to improve the conditions of life.

Range of services

To maintain and strengthen our leading position, we operate a large research and development department. Many of our developments are protected by patents and utility models.

By means of customised engineering we supervise all the individual subprocesses of a project – from outlining the requirements to the realisation and operation of the system.

We guarantee product and application-related service worldwide, and quick and reliable supply with BOLLFILTER GENUINE PARTS.

Automatic filters

In all BOLLFILTERs Automatic products, wedge wire or wire mesh candles are cleaned automatically by backflushing without interrupting operation. This can be actuated either by differential pressure or it is time controlled. Automatic filters are used for applications with continuous contamination and for which manual cleaning is uneconomical, or if the sites and processes are automated.

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18

The main field of application for this BOLLFILTER Automatic is water filtration. The internal components are therefore always made of stainless steel. The fully automatic backflushing of the filter element is very efficient. Axial- and cross-flow backflushing is generated with filter candles open at both ends – the bipolar functional principle.

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.3C

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.3C presents an ideal solution for the filtration of marine ballast water. The small footprint makes it suitable for retrofits and new buildings. Furthermore, the filter is extremely durable and easy to maintain. The filter element with precision filter candles open at both ends gives a dual backflushing effect. This design of the filter elements generates cross-flow turbulence in the backflush process, which is further enhanced by the Hydrodynamic Element. The regeneration is very quick and effective without interrupting the filtration process.

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.21/6.22

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.21 has been especially designed for the filtration of lower and continuous filtration volumes of liquid fuels. The filter operates predominantly for the protection of diesel injection pumps. When required, the media is cleaned one segment at a time by a rotating backflush unit, without interrupting the filtration process. The working pressure remains almost constant and the flushing volumes are extremely low. The filter can optionally be equipped with a heating medium connection on the bottom of the housing and with a bypass filter.

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64

The automatic high-performance filter Type 6.64 is used mainly for the filtration of large volumes of fuels, lubricants, coolants and alkalines. In a compact housing with its several filter chambers, filtration and backflushing operate simultaneously and independently without interrupting the process. The filter candles are regenerated extremely quickly and efficiently by supporting backflushing with compressed air. This ensures only small volumes of flushing liquid are used. The system pressure remains constant during the backflushing process.

Duplex filters

Duplex filters comprise two filter housings. One chamber of the filter is on duty while the other clean half is on standby. When the contamination level exceeds a preset tolerance level, the flow can be switched manually to the cleaned half of the filter without any pressure shock. The contaminated filter element is cleaned while the process continues. Change-over is performed by a cylindrical cock valve or double stage three-way ball valves. The design prevents both filter chambers from being shut off at the same time. The filter is installed in the pump pressure or suction line to protect the downstream process components from contamination. Filtration of oil, fuel, water, coolants, gas and chemicals alkalines.

Simplex filters

Simplex filters are the basic model of filter technology. They perform filtration tasks just as reliably as duplex or automatic filters. All filter elements with different filter materials can be installed.

BOLLFILTER Simplex are used everywhere where process can be stopped at no great inconvenience or cost in order to clean or replace the filter elements. The filter is installed in the pump pressure or suction line to protect the downstream plant components from contamination. Filtration of oil, fuel, water, gas and chemicals alkalines.