Autronica is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire safety equipment, and marine safety monitoring and surveillance equipment. The products ensure safety in applications at sea worldwide, and are developed in close cooperation with classification societies and research institutes. They are designed for the toughest requirements, with possibilities and functionality for a wide range of applications.

Autronica ensures optimal detection through its self-testing system, Autrosafe Selfverify, by checking all detectors, interfaces, connections and cables to alarm output every day. It also verifies the sensitivity of every detector with a calibrated signal, and that each detector always responds to the correct alarm level. The operating panel pinpoints the source of any problem.

The Autrosafe fire-detection system meet stringent SRtP guidelines. This dual-safety technology enables redundant control of the loop. If the primary loop fails, the secondary loop control takes over and fire detection is maintained. It is also possible to integrate the Autromaster ISEMS, a graphical safety and emergency management system, giving users the opportunity to view real-time status information during an emergency.

Autronica delivers low-pressure watermist systems for the protection of accommodation and public areas, high-risk areas and engine rooms with low water consumption. The FlexiFog suppression system is easy to maintain, uses less power and weight, and is approved by all major classification societies and the IMO.

Autronica also offer gas suppression systems such as CO2, Novec and Argonite for areas such as machinery spaces, cargo and pump rooms.

Autronica is the supplier of the Omicron Gas Sampling System, which can be used in all spaces where gas detection is requested. The company’s systems can handle several gasses simultaneously, and all systems are type-approved.