Antti-Teollisuus, a metal industry company, produces 40% of all doors for large cruise ships globally. In its production facility in Salo in Western Finland, the company has to date produced more than a quarter of a million doors for more than 300 cruise ships – all this in just over 20 years. Antti’s business has more than 60 years of experience to support ship door manufacturing processes. Everything you need in ship doors, we’ll handle it.

Doors from ships to shores

Our advanced sheet metal technology enables us to create superior and highly customised products. Combined with our passionate and determined approach, our experience and skills result in superb quality.

Our clientele includes some of the biggest shipping companies in the world. Our services are very personal. They are based on understanding and listening to the customer’s requests, a delivery chain that is reliable and works smoothly, and the ability to work quickly and on the customer’s terms.

Our diverse product range includes accommodation and bathroom doors as well as doors to public areas and to maintenance and service facilities. We only use high-quality raw materials. Our doors are durable, have accurate dimensions and come with a broad range of accessories.

Safety is the most important attribute

Safety, in its broadest sense, is a fire door’s most important attribute. Safety is achieved by choosing the correct materials and details, and adding a little ingenuity. The doors we manufacture meet the requirements of applicable standards. The doors have B and C fire ratings. Antti Marine doors have official approvals and meet the SOLAS and IMO requirements for fire safety, among other standards.

Low-maintenance, completely lubrication-free hinges ensure our doors are durable, practical and reliable. Our hinges, which can be adjusted in two dimensions, are a good example of our own innovations.

Silence equals quality

The end users of a cabin – passengers or crew members – need and appreciate peace and quiet. Whether on a holiday or at work, a cabin needs to be comfortable and sound insulation plays an especially important role.

All of the doors, insulations and seals we utilise meet high quality standards. Our experience, high-quality materials and dedicated design services guarantee well-fitting doors with excellent sound insulation properties. We can – and want to – anticipate the requirements set by the customer, users and conditions.

Tailor-made doors

The doors made by Antti-Teollisuus are always tailored according to the customer’s needs and the ship designers’ plans and visions. Advanced manufacturing techniques and continuous research and development make it possible to create unique surface textures and even the most unusual visual solutions.

Prints and patterns are designed and manufactured according to customer requests. Prints are digitally printed on a surface of PVC-foiled sheet. Decorative patterns are manufactured directly on door leaf metal sheets. Decorative patterns require a tailored mould to realise the designs.

A reliable choice

If there is a company dedicated to ship doors, that company is Antti-Teollisuus. Our doors are always open to you: contact us and see how well and quickly we fulfil our promises in practice. Let’s find the solutions together.