At Amorim Cork Composites, we strive daily to reinvent the world: we recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natural and organic materials. And thus, we do invent a new world.

For us, the importance of the responsibility of contributing today for the future is an essential objective. Thus, we incorporate various raw materials into our products which aim to innovatively respond to competitive market demands, as well as create advanced and cutting-edge procedures which grant the final consumer with unique products. We fully assume our commitment to sustainability through an internal program that seeks to align all ACC members of staff around the strategic objectives enabling us to maintain the greatest of respect for the environment through products designed in accordance with the most demanding of applications and markets.

We know our industry is based on a sustainable cycle: protecting nature's balance so that we never run out of the raw material, so we can keep on protecting nature's balance.

Why Cork?

Our portfolio

Primary decking – Self levelling materials

Exterior primary decking

ACM30 is a cork composite, a material specially formulated to be used as an exterior primary deck covering for levelling and fairing with additional features with IMO/MED certification. Due to the materials composition it significantly benefits weight reduction, being two to five times lighter than available primary decking solutions therefore improving vessel performance and rating, and consequently delivering energy savings. It also serves as a structural damping, soundproofing and thermal insulation barrier of the deck

Interior primary decking

ACM52 is a product for interior deck covering with IMO certification that combines outstanding technical and functional performance with impeccable sustainable credentials. It is a cork composite material especially designed to be used as an interior primary deck covering with 5-50mm thickness on metallic substrates.

Designed in compliance with stringent fire and smoke standards, ACM52 has exceptionally low thermal conductivity, offering damping performance with acoustic benefits. Extremely lightweight – it is two to five times lighter that conventional decking – it provides comfort and performance, while reducing the carbon footprint, thanks to cork's natural characteristics on the one hand, and its important contribution to energy savings, on the other.

Cork technology is making an important contribution to a cleaner, greener shipping industry, with IMO compliance. Because our range's main constituent is cork – a 100%natural, reusable and recyclable material – it stands out as a particularly valuable solution for sustainable deck construction, complying with the industry's safety standards.

Amorim Cork Composites primary decking solutions have the IMO/MED Wheelmark certification that guarantees our ongoing commitment to product quality and safety of customers for sea-going yachts, offshore and passenger vessels, including cruise ships.

We strive to develop Innovative and sustainable cork-based primary deck solutions which ensure that ships comply with safety standards while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The key factor in ensuring a negative carbon footprint is the cork oak forest itself – which is a carbon sink, responsible for retaining 73t of CO2 per ton of cork used for a typical application, which corresponds to 2.7 kilotons of CO2 retention.

Final decking

Adding comfort and performance to your decking. Cork, more than appearances.

Amorim final decking materials are a combination of incomparable functionality and luxurious aesthetics, bound together in a natural cork composite. Cork is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable. Whether from an environmental, social or economic perspective, it's one of the world's most versatile materials.

ACM49 and ACM94 are elegant alternatives for a variety of decking surfaces ranging from professional and recreational marine vessels, pool decks, pontoons, to wellness centers.

ACM49 is a cork rubber composite material used for deck coverings in professional and recreational marine vessels, pool decks, pontoons and wellness centers.
The combination of cork and selected rubbers leads to unique properties, providing a durable and slip resistant covering, with enviable aesthetics, easy to maintain and clean.

ACM94 is a cork composite material used for deck coverings in luxury marine vessels and pool decks. Sustainable and 100% natural, this product offers exquisite aesthetics and a soft and cool under-foot feeling even on the warmest days, delivering extraordinary comfort and grip.