Allin Interactive, the leading ITV supplier to the cruise industry with over 90,000 installed cabins, continues to serve the industry with leading-edge interactive solutions capable of supporting real-time commercial transactions to drive onboard revenue, business intelligence and passenger satisfaction.

DigiManager™ – an efficient, flexible content management platform

Allin’s browser-based DigiManager content management system is leveraged across three different platforms – in-room TV, guest mobile devices and digital signage. As such, content is managed one time, and is automatically and instantaneously formatted and distributed across all three types of displays.

DigiHD™ ITV – the industry standard for interactive television

Allin’s DigiHD ITV solution, delivered over both IP and RF networks, features unsurpassed entertainment, transactional, promotional and business intelligence capabilities, while seamlessly supporting both high-definition and standard-definition video. Efficient and easy navigation for guests is combined with powerful functions such as on-demand movies, in-room music, dining information and reservations, shore excursion ticketing, room service, guest service requests, surveys, and even in-room gaming (9-line slots and video poker).

DigiMobile™ – revolutionary application for guest mobile devices

Allin’s DigiMobile application lets you reach your guests no matter where they are on your ship, and offers profitable new VoIP communications options, including onboard calling and chat as well as off-ship international calling with charges posted automatically to onboard guest accounts.

On-demand concierge services such as account review, spa information, daily activity schedule, and messaging add tremendous value to the application, available natively on iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Windows phone.

DigiPublic™ – easy-to-use interactive platform for touchscreen digital displays

Allin’s DigiPublic interactive digital signage platform continues the natural progression of interactive technology to public touchscreen display devices. DigiPublic signage technology enables ship staff to control any number of interactive public displays from Allin’s DigiManager content management system, simultaneous with, or independent of, Allin’s interactive television and mobile concierge applications.