AEI is a US-based corporation created to serve the hospitality and cruise line industries globally. We design and manufacture all our products. With engineering teams in California, Taiwan and Malaysia, and our own manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, we control the quality and workmanship of our telephones from beginning to end, every step of the way.

At AEI we believe in providing world class service, with in-depth knowledge of the hospitality and cruise line industries and innovative, stylish designs that meet and often exceed the high expectations of hoteliers and cruise ship owners and operators worldwide.

AEI’s product development and product design teams are a group of dedicated professionals with vast experience in both the IP and Analog worlds, who strive to incorporate the latest advances in technology into our products. The results are stylish, durable and customer friendly telephones of the highest quality. As technology evolves, AEI is fully prepared to satisfy current and future hotel and cruise line telephony requirements through innovation and creativity.

Our products are compatible with, and certified by all major PBX manufacturers. We work closely with them to ensure seamless integration and deployment.

We offer four basic families of telephones: desktop, night stand, lobby/elevator landing, and bathroom phones, both in IP and analogue versions, and either corded or cordless designs. Our IP and analogue product families have similar looks to ease the migration from legacy analogue to IP technologies, avoiding unnecessary disruptions.

One of our latest designs is our media player: a universal charging station / media player for most mobile devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads, Kindle, Android and many other tablets, media players and cellular telephones. It boasts state of the art stereo sound, and charging capabilities for up to four devices simultaneously. It also allows the room telephones to be used in conjunction with the cellular telephones of guests.

We take pride in our technical proficiency and innovation, and a customer support tradition unparalleled in the industry.

Serving the cruise line industry with advanced IP and analogue telephony solutions worldwide