With more than 75 years of experience and a number of important patents, HALLDE is a world leader in the manufacture and development of vegetable preparation machines, vertical cutter blender/mixer, combi cutters and blenders. Our focus on a specific niche makes us strong − we stick to doing what we do best!

HALLDE machines make food processing easy, safe, time and cost efficient. By choosing sustainable material that is heat resistant and easy to clean, the process is made very smooth.

Head office, product development and production are located in Kista, Sweden, where all machines are tested before delivery. Proprietary design and manufacture guarantee consistently high quality.

Vegetable preparation machines

Vegetable preparation machines are used to slice, dice, shred, grate, crimp and cut julienne and chips. The product portfolio consists of, from the smallest unit with capacity from 2kg/min up to the largest, 40kg/min. The design aims to keep the machines compact with a high capacity and flexibility. More than 50 cutting tools enabling a wide spectrum of choices of cutting result.

Chop, mix, mince, purée and blend raw or cooked, dry as well as liquid consistencies. HALLDE supplies machines with the capacity of three to six litre bowls. In order to keep the process short even they are all equipped with a patented scraper system.


Blend, whip, mix, stir, chop and mash mixtures that are rich in liquids. Ideal to use for preparing smoothies, soups, dressings, herbal oils, thickenings etc. With a hinged lid holder and a stable machine base together with a transparent, heat-resistant jug, it’s easy to use. All loose parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Combi cutter

A combined vegetable preparation machine and vertical cutter blender that enables the same processing possibilities as the separate models. As the vegetable preparation requires low speed and the bowl cutting a higher speed, these models automatically detect which top is being used and set the right speeds for the purpose. HALLDE does not compromise but ensures a great cutting result.

The story

HALLDE is a Swedish industrial company founded in 1941 by the inventor Ernst Häll. One evening, as Ernst watched his wife cut potatoes into julienne for "Janssons frestelse" (a traditional Swedish dish), the idea that there must be an easier, safer and above all, quicker way to achieve the desired result, was born.

The manual vegetable preparation machine G1 was invented to simplify kitchen life.

This trend remains and the time for a complete vegetable preparation machine made of stainless steel is now here. HALLDE’s latest launch is the RG-400i, the first machine in stainless steel with all removable parts dishwasher-proof.

In the soul of HALLDE lies constant product improvement with a focus on development. We push forward new products in order to simplify kitchen life. With numerous patents in our portfolio and a clear idea of where we’re heading, we will continue on our path and write history.