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Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited (GBSL) continues to operate in these challenging times. With newly implemented safe working practices to keep its customers and work force safe , the yard commenced its summer dry-docking program June 2nd, 2020 after a short period of lock down as a result of Covid -19.

Rising passenger demand for cruise ships: voyage of a lifetime

In 2018, more people are expected to take to the seas on a cruise ship than before. Elly Earls meets Cindy D’Aoust, Cruise Lines International Association’s president and CEO, to find out what’s driven passenger demand up to these heights and whether the upward trend is set to continue.

Cruising operations: a luxury experience

When Edie Rodriguez resigned as CEO of Crystal Cruises last year, many assumed that retirement naturally beckoned. Instead, her immediate hiring by Ponant to crack the US market for the operator heralds a new phase in the industry veteran’s career. She tells Greg Noone about the challenges facing the line’s expansion, her gruelling schedule and the enduring appeal of luxury cruising.

Scenic sea cruises: a year of firsts

August will see the maiden voyage of the Scenic Eclipse, which has been billed as the ‘world’s first discovery yacht’. With room for 228 guests, the vessel’s small size is compensated for with the promise of visiting exciting locations, including Antarctica. Lisa Bolton, general product manager at Scenic, talks to Ross Davies about what guests can expect.

China to match European shipbuilding: competitive edge

While almost all cruise vessels continue to be built in Europe, the focus of the industry is shifting decidedly east. Will shipyards move with it? Colin Castle talks to PFJ Maritime Consulting’s Raoul Jack, and Reinhard Luken, managing director of the Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik (German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association), to find out whether Beijing’s new ambitions can compensate for its competitive disadvantages.