The extraordinary general meeting in Scanship Holding ASA has resolved to change the company’s name to Vow ASA (“Vow”).

The new company name was expected to be registered in the Norwegian register of business enterprises (Foretaksregisteret) on 10 January 2020, which was expected to be the last day of trading on Oslo Børs under the ticker "SSHIP". From and inclusive 13 January 2020, the company’s shares are expected to trade on Oslo Børs under the new ticker "VOW".

"The new company name can be interpreted in many ways, such as valorisation of waste, which is a common denominator for what we do,” Vow CEO Henrik Badin says. “Personally, I also like to think of the name as a reminder of our promise – our vow to our customers, to our investors and to the world. It underlines our passion for preventing pollution.”

The Scanship and ETIA names, as well as the brands within Scanship and ETIA product families will be continued, either as names of subsidiaries or product lines, or both. Customers will continue to meet the same faces and the same products as before the name change.

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