FarSounder is pleased to announce Ulstein Belga Marine headquartered in Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as its newest dealer, and its first in Brazil.

Ulstein Belga Marine is a leader in the Navigation Equipment industry. For more than 30 years, they have been recognised worldwide for technological excellence. FarSounder’s Argos series of 3D forward-looking sonars will fit well into their key product offerings.

“Our strategy has been moving towards digitalisation and sensor related solutions for communication, navigation, sea-state monitoring and optimisation of performance,” says Jan Lomholdt, managing director of Ulstein Belga Marine. 

The Argos system’s unique technology provides vessels with real-time 3D imagery of the waters ahead, assisting users in navigating challenging waters with safety and security. This technology detects and clearly shows its users various in-water hazards including shallow bottoms, and numerous fixed and moving underwater obstacles including icebergs and shipping containers. 
“With its many rivers and huge ocean with an enormous coastline, Brazil is a market with many types of vessels that can benefit significantly from Farsounder's innovative navigation technology. We are excited to start the collaboration and feel that FarSounder fits perfectly into our portfolio of international, trusted providers of smart and safe solutions for the maritime and offshore industry in Brazil,” said Lomholdt.