Dellner Brakes AB, a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced braking systems, is introducing two new heavy-duty disc brakes to its SKD range at Nor-shipping in Oslo, Norway, from 30 May to 2 June.

Designed for stopping rotary motion and statically holding load in large marine vessels and industrial machinery, Dellner’s new SKD 140 brake delivers braking force of up to 258 kNm through two brake housings, each containing a powerful hydraulic piston. The SKD 4×140 brake combines two brake assemblies containing a total of four powerful hydraulic pistons to deliver braking force of up to 516 kNm.

Dellner can also provide larger systems, combining several brake assemblies or customised housings with several pistons, to deliver even more braking power, tailored specifically for customers’ needs.

Dellner has also developed an offshore version of the brake, with corrosion protection and hard wearing paint and pistons that are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Marcus Åberg, Dellner Brakes AB CEO, said: “These new SKD brakes have been developed and designed by Dellner’s engineers at our innovation centre in Sweden, using new manufacturing processes that are enabling us to offer these brakes to our customers at extremely competitive prices.

“We are very much looking forward to introducing these new brakes to potential customers and members of the press at Nor-shipping. Our new SKD brakes deliver more stopping power than ever before and we are confident that this brand new modular design from Dellner Brakes will prove very popular with engineers and specifiers looking for powerful, cost-effective braking solutions for larger applications, both on and offshore."

Dellner Brakes is exhibiting at Nor-shipping in Oslo (Booth E04-02) from 30 May to 2 June.