The aim of the project is to improve fire safety in battery systems at sea. This is achieved by investigating previous fires in battery systems and as recommendations for future use of maritime battery systems, including:

  • Achieving an overview of risk areas, based on analysis of fires on vessels with battery systems.
  • Identifying defects in relevant existing fire protection regulations and guidelines, and proposing new initiatives.
  • Attracting the attention of national and international operators to the safety risks related to battery systems, and making recommendations for how these can be handled.

This project investigates and analyses safety issues concerning batteries from several angles, which are historical battery-related fires, technical conditions and relevant operators' standpoints. This will create a holistic and more nuanced understanding of risks related to battery systems in a maritime context. The project results will contribute increased fire safety to the Danish maritime industry, as well as guidelines for the correct use and installation of battery systems. The Danish Maritime Authority and the Accident Investigation Board Denmark will monitor the project as sparring partners, and also conduct interviews with other relevant operators within this area. The project results will contribute to the future development of guidelines that may influence the Danish maritime sector. The project is supported by the Danish Maritime Fund.

Project report:

  • Project BLUE BATTERY, Part I: Analysis of fire risk scenarios of existing and upcoming large maritime battery systems
  • Project BLUE BATTERY, Part II: Assessment of existing fire protection strategies and recommendation for future work
  • Project BLUE BATTERY: A qualitative study of fire, batteries and risk and safety perceptions in the Danish maritime industry