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Surendra Prasad Peravali

Containing norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships

The impression that contracting norovirus is an occupational hazard on cruise holidays continues to persist among prospective passengers. However, new figures from the Centers for Disease Control point to a decline in outbreaks. Greg Noone talks to Donnie Brown, vice-president for maritime policy at CLIA, about how remedial action by operators has stemmed the flow of cases and may yet restore a measure of confidence to passengers and industry observers alike.

Cruise ships doubling as hotels

Cruise ships are pulling double duty as hotels at major events all over the world, but a month-long dockside charter is no small feat. How can operators make the most of the trend? Eleanor Wilson speaks to Joyce Landry of events organiser Landry and Kling, Katina Athanasiou at Norwegian Cruise Line and Silversea’s Freddy Muller.

Demand for right staff heats up with booming expedition market

As the expedition cruise market grows, the race for staff is heating up. Kit van Wagner, expedition leader and manager of expedition product support at Silversea, speaks to Patrick Kingsland about developing the talent that can lead to growth.

Ritz-Carlton hotels to cruise on high seas

Ritz-Carlton hotels have long offered guests luxury in beautiful destinations. Now the company is taking to the ocean. Bradford Keen speaks to Fredrik Johansson, director of Tillberg Design, and Douglas Prothero, co-managing director of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, about applying more than a century of hotel knowledge to the high seas.

Michelin-inspired cuisine on Crystal River Cruises

The Michelin-inspired, farm-to-table food and beverage concept on Crystal River Cruises’ fast-expanding river fleet is unlike anything else on the waterways of Europe. Elly Earls meets the cruise line’s senior vice-president of hotel operations, Toni Neumeister, to find out how they’ve done it.

Tourist explosion in Venice’s cruise sector

More than 30 million tourists cram into Venice every year and tensions are rising among the city’s residents. Andrea Valentino talks to Galliano di Marco, head of the Venice Passenger Terminal; Pino Musolino, president of the North Adriatic Port Authority; and Sebastian Fagarazzi and Valeria Duflot from the Venezia Autentica campaign group.

Hit by depressed market, specilialised shipbuilders look towards cruise sector

Specialist shipbuilders feeling the squeeze from struggling oil prices have begun expanding into the cruise sector, but what services are they offering? How difficult a transition might it be? And should established yards have cause for concern? World Cruise Industry Review speaks to experts from across the industry to find out.

Cruising the cold, icy North in winter

More travellers are choosing to visit Norway during the dark chill of an Arctic winter. Bradford Keen speaks to Hurtigruten’s Asta Lassesen and Cruise Norway’s Inge Tangerås about holidaying in subzero temperatures and why this icy land in the north is such a hot destination, even when at its coldest.

Saga’s new-build cruise for its over-50 year old customers

Saga has embarked on a new-build programme for the first time in its history. Andrea Valentino meets Saga’s new-build director, David Pickett, to talk fuel efficiency, leveraging existing partnerships and the challenges of building a ship with the over-50s in mind.

Celebrity Cruises’ cutting-edge entertainment

Over the past three years, Celebrity Cruises has shaken up its entertainment offering. CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo and associate vice-president of entertainment Becky Thomson-Foley discuss what the changes have meant for the brand, and explain how the new Edge class of ships is poised to create still more industry disruption.