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Making Iran a popular destinaton again: taking back tourism

Once the most popular destination in the Middle East, a turbulent few decades have wrecked the Iranian tourist industry. But with the end of sanctions finally opening the country to outside investment, Tehran has drawn up plans to revive the local cruise industry. Andrea Valentino talks to lecturers Dr Masood Khodadadi and Dr Magdalena Karolak about what the country has to offer, and how it might fare with an uncertain political future.

At one with nature: Japanese design to cruise ships

Cruise ship design easily lends itself to grandiosity, as ship architects are eager to include more amenities and increase capacity with each new iteration. Yasushi Horibe has adopted a different approach. Greg Noone talks to the renowned architect about how his extensive use of wood and window space on the Guntû brings a distinctively Japanese aesthetic to the world of cruise ship design.

Foodie cruise line Oceania: tantalising taste buds

Oceania has long been known as a pre-eminent cruise line for foodies, given its association with a legendary French chef. But how is it striking the balance between tradition and novelty in an age of changing guest preferences? Abi Millar finds out.

Cruise lines shifting to electric and hybrid engines

A growing number of ferry operators are making the move to hybrid – or fully electric – engines, with smaller cruise lines starting to follow suit. As the technology continues to develop, could traditional bunker fuel soon be consigned to history and where does progress still need to be made? Andrea Valentino looks into this industry trend.

Environmental concerns of the cruise industry: troubled waters

While the cruise sector is keen to promote its efforts to protect the environment, reports last year from Friends of the Earth and German environmental group Nabu called into question whether more could and should be done. World Cruise Industry Review speaks to campaigners and hears the Cruise Lines International Association’s response to the criticisms in a debate that continues to be incredibly divisive.

Celebrity Cruises’ Edge: cutting-edge entertainment

Over the past three years, Celebrity Cruises has shaken up its entertainment offering. CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo and associate vice-president of entertainment Becky Thomson-Foley discuss what the changes have meant for the brand, and explain how the new Edge class of ships is poised to create still more industry disruption.

Chasing the Northern Lights: destination Norway in winter

More travellers are choosing to visit Norway during the dark chill of an Arctic winter. Bradford Keen speaks to Hurtigruten’s Asta Lassesen and Cruise Norway’s Inge Tangerås about holidaying in subzero temperatures and why this icy land in the north is such a hot destination, even when at its coldest.

Serenity under pressure: tourism troubles in Venice

More than 30 million tourists cram into Venice every year and tensions are rising among the city’s residents. Andrea Valentino talks to Galliano di Marco, head of the Venice Passenger Terminal; Pino Musolino, president of the North Adriatic Port Authority; and Sebastian Fagarazzi and Valeria Duflot from the Venezia Autentica campaign group.

Crystal River Cruises: Michelin stars on the water

The Michelin-inspired, farm-to-table food and beverage concept on Crystal River Cruises’ fast-expanding river fleet is unlike anything else on the waterways of Europe. Elly Earls meets the cruise line’s senior vice-president of hotel operations, Toni Neumeister, to find out how they’ve done it.

Total immersion: HAL’s EXC

From 2017, Holland America Line (HAL) guests can immerse themselves in destinations more fully than ever before, thanks to a new initiative called Explorations Central. Elly Earls meets HAL’s president, Orlando Ashford, to find out what they can expect.