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The devil and the deep blue sea

Cruise ships are no safe haven when it comes to sexual assault. As the prevalence of these incidents comes under fresh scrutiny in the post-#MeToo era, Abi Millar asks how cruise lines can best police and prevent such behaviour.

Grey area

Grey water poses a significant threat to vulnerable marine ecosystems, but there are no international regulations to prevent cruise ships from discharging it. Elly Earls finds out where the biggest problems lie and what needs to change.

Nurtured against nature

The Caribbean is the epicentre of the global cruise industry, with the region predicted to host over a third of all ships in 2019. That’s despite the high-profile natural disasters that struck some islands in 2017. As strong as the recovery has been, some signs point to a far less rosy future. Tim Gunn assesses the region’s ability to continue its ongoing boom.

Boutique collection: Ritz-Carlton luxury cruising onto the seas

Ritz-Carlton hotels have long offered guests luxury in beautiful destinations. Now the company is taking to the ocean. Bradford Keen speaks to Fredrik Johansson, director of Tillberg Design, and Douglas Prothero, co-managing director of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, about applying more than a century of hotel knowledge to the high seas.

Free spirits: staff for the expedition cruise market

As the expedition cruise market grows, the race for staff is heating up. Kit van Wagner, expedition leader and manager of expedition product support at Silversea, speaks to Patrick Kingsland about developing the talent that can lead to growth.

Norwegian Joy to enter China

With its launch date looming, Norwegian Joy will be the latest instalment in Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway Plus class, but the first to be tailored specifically for the growing Chinese market. How much of a design departure does this demand and how different is the finished product? World Cruise Industry Review investigates.

Dining with the stars: cruising celebrity chefs

The list of restaurants with celebrity chefs at the helm grows by the year, but what can ensure the right partnership? Elly Earls breaks bread with Royal Caribbean’s John Suley and Norwegian Cruise Line’s Karl Muhlberger to find out.