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International tourism continues to grow

Tourist arrivals around the globe reached 550 million during the first six months of 2013, according to figures by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a 5% increase on 2012.

Global cruise operator expands into China

Carnival Corporation has announced plans to expand its Princess Cruise brand into China.

Clean break: meeting emissions targets

As chief executive of the International Bunker Industry Association for the past six months, Peter Hall has had a busy time. He talks to Barry Mansfield about his mission to help the industry meet its fuels emissions targets and the efforts being made by all sides to find a solution.

Norwegian Cruise Line presses on with Belize master plan

Norwegian Cruise Line has bought up 75 acres of land in Southern Belize as it continues plans to build a cruise destination on two connected islands.

An eco-friendly shipping future?

A recent project by DNV has theoretically proven the feasibility of ship-based carbon capture and storage. But, for all the environmental and financial advantages of a system that separates CO2 from exhaust gas, is the cruise industry ready for such a radical (and costly) technology?

The burning issue: improving fire safety

The heat is on the cruise industry to re-evaluate its fire safety procedures following high-profile incidents aboard three different vessels. Julian Turner assesses the financial and reputational damage to the operators, Carnival Corporation’s $600-million fleet upgrade and how a fire aboard the Carnival Triumph helped provide the impetus for a cruise passenger bill of rights.

United we stand: CLIA progress report

As the CLIA expansion process nears its one-year anniversary, a progress report is due. Industry figureheads Robert Ashdown, Christine Duffy and Howard Frank reflect with Jack Wittels on the core challenges faced, the benefits the merger has brought so far and the sector’s next steps into unified communications campaigns.

A sickly stowaway

Winter is approaching, and with it a significant increase in the chances of contracting the dreaded norovirus. World Cruise Industry Review considers the impact that outbreaks have on the industry, and Princess Cruises’ Dr Grant Tarling discusses the measures in place to prevent future debacles.

Europe’s shipbuilders adapting to survive

It has been a tough few years for the European shipbuilding community, but, by leveraging technical expertise and maximising the potential of niche markets, a number of yards are now securing their futures. And, as World Cruise Industry Review reveals, the cruise sector has a major role to play.

Surf’s up: cruise ship connectivity

For today’s hyperconnected guests, free Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Adam Goldstein and Bill Martin of Royal Caribbean International discuss the challenges of meeting such expectations, and explain how technology users could end up as unofficial ambassadors for the brand.