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MSC World Europa, the first in a series of four next generation cruiseships to join the MSC Cruises’ fleet, has been delivered with a state-of-the-art ballast water treatment system from the BIO-SEA by BIO-UV Group stable.

Wabtec to Advance Electrification of Vessels in HYPOBATT Project

PITTSBURGH — Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) is working to advance the electrification of vessels by participating in the HYPOBATT (Hyper powered vessel battery charging system) project, which is part of the EU-wide Horizon initiative. The HYPOBATT is focused on developing a megawatt-charging standard and infrastructure for ferries in European ports.

Capital Cruising welcomes 100th cruise ship today with arrival of Emerald Princess into South Queensferry

The majestic Emerald Princess sailed up the River Forth into South Queensferry this week marking the 100th cruise call for Capital Cruising which welcomes cruise liners into its ports in Leith, Rosyth, Dundee and deep-water anchorages at Newhaven and South Queensferry.

Surviving in a new world

Australia has always been a seafaring nation – or it was anyway. Even more than the industry as a whole, the country’s cruise industry has suffered heavily from the government’s strict lockdown rules, with international tours only recently restarting. Yet, with new environmental pressures and seaside infrastructure growing apace, the dramas of the past few years seem far from finished. Andrea Valentino talks to Joel Katz, the Australasia managing director at Cruise Lines International Association, and Professor Ross Dowling from Edith Cowan University to learn more.

A thoughtful cruising experience

It often seems like bigger is better when it comes to the cruise industry. From Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas to the Costa’s Toscana, many operators are plumping for miniature cities on the waves, capable of carrying thousands of passengers and offering dozens of activities. Yet, buoyed by environmental concerns and the desire among passengers for more elegant, intimate holidays, some operators are going the other way. Andrea Valentino talks to Silversea Cruises’ Roberto Martinoli, president and CEO, and Roberto Bruzzone, senior vice-president of marine operations, to learn about such a vessel – and how it could presage broader shifts in balancing sustainability and comfort.

What a waste

With new standards and regulations demanding better wastewater management, cruises are required to process all wastewater on board. With this in mind, Royal Caribbean Group is retrofitting several of its vessels with next-generation advanced wastewater purification (AWP) systems. Abi Millar speaks to Nicholas Rose, associate vice-president of environmental stewardship at Royal Caribbean Group, and Johan Johansson Iseskär, principal engineer, maritime advisory at DNV, to find out the benefits of having an AWP system on board.

Revitalising the voyage

The creative team behind Virgin Voyages’ first vessel, Scarlet Lady, brought a new perspective to the design process, having never worked on cruise liners before. Elly Earls speaks to Dee Cooper, senior vice-president of design and customer experience at Virgin Voyages, to find out how approaching the project with fresh eyes allowed them to challenge conventions and reimagine ship design.

Cleaner cruising

With environmental sustainability at the top of the political agenda, cruise ship operators are trying harder than ever to meet their targets. Yet very real challenges remain – not least in waste management. John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises and chief experience and innovation officer for Carnival Corporation, explains how his company is addressing these issues and how it intends to meet its sustainability pledges.

Full steam ahead

With new fuel usage regulations by the International Maritime Organisation set to go into practice November 2022, cruises are rushing to meet the new demands in time. Jim Banks speaks to Andreas Ullrich, global market leader, passenger ships and ferries at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, to learn more about the new Energy Efficiency Index for Existing Ships requirements and how cruises can adapt their fuels for a more sustainable future.

In case of fire

The safety of passengers is paramount on a cruise ship. It is, therefore, essential to stay up to date with the latest fire regulations and standards to avoid disaster. Abi Millar speaks to Eddie Segev, senior vice-president of safety, security and environment at Royal Caribbean Group, and Andreas Hildingsson, principal surveyor and ship type expert passenger ships at DNV Maritime, about the importance of fire protection and firefighting on cruise ships.