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09 December 2019
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Run a tight shop
Traditionally, cruise lines have emphasised affordability in their retail policies. But habits are changing, with operators pivoting towards more upmarket offerings. Andrea Valentino talks to Miguel Maal, an expert in cruise retail, and Adrian Pittaway, head of retail at MSC, about the benefits of turning the act of shopping into a valued experience in its own right.

Kiwi cruises
New Zealand seems to be the perfect destination for a cruise holiday, with a long coastline of staggering beauty giving way to a dramatic mountainside background. Only recently, however, has the country come into its own as one of the sector’s most exciting destinations. Will Moffitt talks to Stuart Allison, Princess Cruises’ vice-president for the Asia-Pacific region, about the triumphs and tribulations involved in building a cruise business in the land of the long white cloud.

Comedians on cruise ships getting cash
Stand-up comedy is one of the most important parts of a cruise ship’s entertainment offering, even if its inner workings are little understood by comics and passengers alike. Greg Noone talks to Royal Caribbean International’s Nick Weir, Kelli Gemmola of The Sit Down Comedy Club and comedian Bruce Smirnoff about what it takes to successfully perform on the cruise circuit.

Avoiding tragedy
In May, shocking news emerged of a river cruise boat sinking in the Danube, followed shortly after by the footage of another vessel colliding at speed with a dock in Venice. Although two such accidents in as many months can be considered a freak occurrence, it is nonetheless emblematic of a systemic problem among cruise ships with collision avoidance. Will Moffitt talks to Richard Villavicencio, senior specialist marine at Lloyd’s Register, about whether existing software is doing its job in preventing such accidents.

Troubled waters
The Baltic cruise market is booming. With increased activity, though, comes more pollution, a worry that has led several countries in the region to impose strict environmental regulations on ships. Andrea Valentino talks to Andreas Slotte, head of sustainable development at the Port of Helsinki, and Claus Bødker, director of Cruise Baltic, about how cruise companies are working to better protect the region’s delicate ecosystem.

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